Tamara Jordan Fitness | Bikini Pro | Fitness Expert | Model
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Lifestyle Coaching – Online Training and Nutrition

Personalized & detailed training/cardio and nutrition/supplementation plan tailored to your fitness goal.

  • Online Bi-weekly Check in: Progress photos and Weight
  • Program Updates
  • Motivation and Support
Tamara Jordan Dumbell

Personal Training 

One on One (Fitnation Gym, Norwalk/ In Home/ Outdoor/Skype)

Posing Technique & Stage Presentation

Everything you need to know.  No Surprises on YOUR Big Day.

  • Posing: Routine and Technique
  • Stage Presence
  • Judging Criteria
  • Back Stage: Bikini, Jewelry, Heels, Tan, Hair and Make up
Tamara Jordan Legacy

Bikini Competition Prep – Online Training and Nutrition

Personalized training and nutrition program for bikini competitors.