8 Week - Tamara Jordan Fitness
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8 Week


  • Personalized training and nutrition plan tailored to your fitness goal based on questionnaire, including online biweekly check in with progress photos and weight, program updates when necessary.
  • Unlimited support from me via email.
  • Program turn around: 1 week from receiving payment, photos, and questionnaire, and signed contracts.   Send a front, back, and side profile picture in shorts(male)/bikini or small shorts and sports bra (women), every two weeks, and send weight in every Monday. Used for adjustments when needed.
  • Check ins are on Mondays. Program updates delivered by the following Friday if update is necessary. If your check in is not in by Monday an update if necessary will not be guaranteed by the following Friday. Upon receiving your updated plan you can and should implement at your earliest convenience.
  • Preferred method of payment is Venmo | Username: Tamara-Haddad-2
    • Instead of checking out through PayPal you can enter the information below into Venmo & I will contact you directly.
    • Pay: $850 | What’s it for? 8 Week Lifestyle
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